MTL 5, WSH 2, 9/27/2016

If you missed last night’s preseason game between the Capitals & Canadiens because you were watching something else or doing something more productive with your time, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Both teams took a lot of penalties.
  • Nathan Beaulieu & Greg Pateryn ran the show for the Habs power play and carried them through most of the game.
  • Torrey Mitchell scored two goals and both of them were off pretty nice plays. I suppose most fourth liners have had games like this in the preseason
  • Washington dressed a lineup with maybe 5-6 players who are likely to make their NHL team and the result matches that.
  • Madison Bowey got another game for the Caps and he was pretty solid at moving the puck out of the zone cleanly. The rest of their defense had a lot of problems in this regard, so he was a clear standout for me.
  • Andrew Shaw made a terrible hit from behind on Caps defenseman Connor Hobbs and should probably get suspended for it.
  • I think the refs were being generous with giving out power plays because the five-on-five play was really that bad to watch.

Now onto the stats.

Game data can be downloaded here

Shot Attempts


all data is five-on-five unless noted otherwise.

Montreal ran away with this one thanks to a solid performance on the power play, as neither team did much at even strength and the Caps couldn’t generate much of anything. The Habs weren’t doing a whole lot at five-on-five either but the power play was working well for them.

Montreal Canadiens Shots


Beaulieu did most of his damage at special teams and got all nine of his shots there, but he was solid at making plays happen at even strength. Pretty much the only Montreal blue liner who stood out in this regard. Danault also had an impressive performance.

Washington Capitals Shots


Offense was hard to come by for the Caps, as only two players had multiple shot attempts and only one had more than one primary shot assist.

Pass Combos


Montreal Pass Zones


Washington Pass Zones


Zone Entries


This Montreal roster played way more of a conservative style compared to the lineup they dressed against the Devils Monday night. Game situation probably influenced things a little, but there was a little less skill in this lineup too. The Caps were basically a zero in the neutral zone so it ended up not hurting them much.

Montreal Entries


Washington Entries


Montreal Zone Entry Defense


Washington Zone Entry Defense


Zone Exits


Montreal Zone Exits


Capitals Zone Exits




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