PHI 4, LAK 2, 10/14/2016

Looking to rebound from an Wednesday night’s loss against the Sharks, the Kings couldn’t get much going in their home opener against the Flyers. They slightly won the possession battle after a strong first period, but struggled to create chances the rest of the game. Things were especially tough for them in the second period where the Flyers outshot them 26-17 at even strength and took a 4-0 lead to put an exclamation point on things.

The Flyers obviously have a lot to be happy about with their performance, particularly with their second line of Sean Couturier, Sean Couturier and Travis Koenecy, who produced two of the Flyers goals. The rookie Koenecy was especially impressive, not looking out of place on the second line and playing a big factor in both of the Flyers goals. It was tough sledding for both teams in the neutral zone and this was one of the few lines that was able to generate much of anything on the rush. Koenecy’s puck-handling and speed was a big part of that and he also showed how good of a passer he is on a couple of occasions. Nice debut for him in what was a solid win for the Flyers.

On the Los Angeles side, it was a pretty tough night offensively, generating mostly one-and-done chances off the rush and when they could move the puck around, most of their plays went back to the point. It worked for them a couple of times, as both of their goals came off point shots with traffic in front, but they had trouble testing Flyers goalie Michal Neuvirth otherwise. Defensively, they did pretty well at forcing the Flyers to dump the puck in & they had a stranglehold on them in the first period, but it didn’t last the entire game and they ended up playing from behind after the second period.

The bigger concern for them is in goal, as new starting goaltender Jeff Zatkoff had kind of a tough first night as the Kings starting netminder. He made some impressive saves, but was giving up a lot of rebounds and the Flyers scored on one of them. The goal he gave up to Mark Streit is one he’d probably want back as well. Zatkoff will probably have better games, but this wasn’t a very encouraging start.

Game data can be downloaded here

Shot Attempts & Passes


Los Angeles Shots & Passes


Philadelphia Shots & Passes


Shot Combos


Los Angeles Pass Zones


Philadelphia Pass Zones


Zone Entries


Los Angeles Zone Entries


Philadelphia Zone Entries


Los Angeles Zone Entry Defense


Philadelphia Zone Entry Defense


Zone Exits


Los Angeles Zone Exits


Philadelphia Zone Exits



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