WSH 3, COL 0, 10/18/2016

Neither team played especially well here. Washington dominated the statsheet and put up 40 shots, but this was far from their best performance. They were sloppy when getting the puck out of their own zone, couldn’t generate much speed through the neutral zone and didn’t move the puck around as well as they normally do, except when they were on the power play. It ultimately didn’t matter because Colorado was about 20 times worse in every area.

The Avalanche started the year off with a couple of solid performances against two playoff teams, but they were absolutely terrible this game. Completely inept with the puck in all three zones and created only three scoring chances all night. Their top line of Nathan MacKinnon, Gabriel Landeskog and Jarome Iginla did some good things and Mackinnon had a few chances, including an open net that he missed by maybe an inch, but as a whole, this group couldn’t do much of anything. It was a second game of a back-to-back and they were given kind of a raw deal by having to go out east so early in the year, so I’m giving them a mulligan for this game. I doubt this will be the norm for them. Still, it was a pretty ugly performance all around.

Game data can be downloaded here

Shots & Passes


Capitals 5v5 Shots & Passes


Avalanche 5v5 Shots & Passes


5v5 Shots Combos


Capitals Pass Zones


Avalanche Pass Zones


5v5 Zone Entries


Capitals Zone Entries


Avalanche Zone Entries


Capitals Zone Entry Defense


Avalanche Zone Entry Defense


Zone Exits


Capitals Zone Exits


Avalanche Zone Entries



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