ANA 3, PHI 2, 10/20/2016

The Ducks spoiled the Flyers home opener last night, picking up their first win of the season on the back of a late third period goal by Ryan Garbutt. Anaheim got a couple of goals from unlikely sources in their bottom-six to pick up this win, but their first line should have swept first star honors this game. Getzlaf, Perry and Ritchie were responsible for 12 of their 33 shots at even strength and half of the team’s scoring chances at five-on-five. All three were doing a little of everything, moving the puck around well and generating passing plays both off the cycle and the rush. The Flyers didn’t have much of an answer for them, struggling to create much of anything at even strength and not finding a good matchup for the Getzlaf line on defense.

As anemic as the Flyers offense was at even strength, they held a lead or were tied with the Ducks for the majority of the game and had a chance to break things open in the second period with five power play opportunities. They scored only once and couldn’t find the net at all on most of their other opportunities. Special teams have been an issue for the Flyers in a couple games this year, most notably the loss against Arizona, and their ineffective power play might have cost them a point last night. Granted, being outplayed at five-on-five by a Randy Carlyle coached Ducks team put them behind the eight-ball to begin with. Anaheim kind of forced the issue by blocking off passing lanes and forcing the Flyers to the boards when they could carry the puck in, but they weren’t doing much to challenge this, aside from the Couturier line.

Game data can be downloaded here

Shot Attempts & Passes


Flyers 5v5 Shots & Passes


Ducks 5v5 Shots & Passes


Shot Combos


Flyers Pass Zones


Ducks Pass Zones


5v5 Zone Entries


Flyers Zone Entries


Ducks Zone Entries


Flyers Zone Entries


Zone Exits


Flyers Zone Exitsanaphi13

Ducks Zone Exits



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