PHI 6, CAR 3, 10/22/2016

The Flyers appear to be heading back on the right track after three straight losses, defeating the Carolina Hurricanes 6-3 and having their best offensive performance of the season. The score is a bit misleading because even though there were nine goals scored in this game, both teams had a tough time manufacturing offense on a consistent basis, at least at even strength. There were only 14 total chances during five-on-five play and most of the shots were one-and-done chances and neither team could do much at all in transition.

The score ended up being lopsided because the Flyers struck gold on their chances for the most part, scoring on two deflections and taking advantage of a couple of blown defensive zone coverages by the Hurricanes. Goaltender Eddie Lack was also caught out of position on the first goal, which didn’t help matters. Outside of those plays, the Flyers didn’t create much at even strength. Carolina wasn’t much better, not being able to move the puck around at all aside from their three goals and not giving Steve Mason much of a test until the third period while they were playing from behind. You can credit the Flyers defense for not allowing them to do much, though. They also got unlucky with a few misfires but those are the breaks sometimes.

Game data can be downloaded here

Shot Attempts & Passes


Flyers Shots & Passes


Hurricanes Shots & Passes


Shot Combos


Flyers Pass Zones


Hurricanes Pass Zones


5v5 Zone Entries


Flyers Zone Entries


Hurricanes Zone Entries


Flyers Zone Entry Defense


Hurricanes Zone Entry Defense


Zone Exits


Flyers Zone Exits


Hurricanes Zone Exits



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