ANA 4, VAN 2, 10/23/2016

Anaheim handed Vancouver their first regulation loss of the season, defeating them 4-2 and building off their solid performance against Philadelphia. The score was close and Vancouver came back to tie the game twice but the actual run of play was far from that. Anaheim completely dominated Vancouver in every aspect and special teams were the only thing that kept this one in reach for the Canucks. You have to give them some credit because they were never out of this game and took advantage of a couple of special teams gaffes by the Ducks, but it’s hard to win when you get beaten down at even strength like Vancouver did. Anaheim outshot them 58-28 during five-on-five play and held the Canucks to only six scoring chacnes, showing that most of the game was spent in their end.

This is a game that the Canucks will probably end up throwing in the garbage because they looked exhausted and it showed on the ice. It was the second half of a back-to-back on the road and to make matters worse, Vancouver was also playing their fifth game in the past week, so fatigue was definitely setting in for them. This game didn’t help things either, as they spent most of it scrambling around in their own end. They couldn’t complete passes or get any forecheck going, which made things pretty easy for the Ducks. Their only fresh player was goaltender Ryan Miller and he did all he could to keep this one in reach. Vancouver’s done a lot of playing from behind this year, but they looked completely gassed so a comeback was out of the question.

As for Anaheim, their defense looked much better than it did on Thursday night against the Flyers. A good chunk of their offense came in transition and they burned the Canucks multiple times with plays off the rush, catching them on slow line changes a few times. Vancouver kind of made it easy on them because they weren’t generating much sustained pressure and Anaheim had all the time in the world to move the puck, but this was a major problem for them early in the year and they did a much better job of it in this game. The situation they were in was a factor but so was the play of Shea Theodore, who was just called up and did a solid job of making passes out of the defensive zone. The Cogliano-Kesler-Silfverberg line also had a terrific game, generating a decent amount of the Ducks offense.

Game data can be downloaded here

Shot Attempts & Passes


Ducks 5v5 Shots & Passes


Canucks 5v5 Shots & Passes


5v5 Shots & Passes


Ducks Pass Zones


Canucks Pass Zones


5v5 Entries


Ducks Zone Entries


Canucks Zone Entries


Ducks Zone Entry Defense


Zone Exits


Ducks Zone Exits


Canucks Zone Exits




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