Playoff Data Archives

I ended up tracking a boatload of data for this playoff project I’m doing, so much that there’s a lot I didn’t get to use in my posts. Part of that is because I wanted to have the series recaps focused on the stats which played the biggest factor. I figured that would make them easier to read and not 10,000 words long. Another reason is because there was some data I tracked that I didn’t know what to do with and it was overwhelming for me to sort through. I asked on Twitter if people would be interested in me sharing the data in one massive posted and most people said yes, so I’m just going to aggregate everything from the first round here.

Tampa Bay – Detroit

Los Angeles – San Jose

Anaheim – Nashville

New York – Pittsburgh

St. Louis – Chicago

New York – Florida

Washington – Philadelphia

Dallas – Minnesota

Tampa Bay – New York

Pittsburgh – Washington

San Jose – Nashville

Dallas – St. Louis

San Jose – St. Louis

Tampa Bay – Pittsburgh